GetBackpacking! 2019 in 165 Seconds

We’re taking some time the last two weeks of the year to get our head together, to regroup, to not have to think too much for a few days. So today, we bring you our year in backpacking condensed down to 165 seconds.

These aren’t all the places we went, but they are a good cross-section: the Appalachian Trail from Max Patch to Hot Springs and also from Carvers Gap to US 19E, Wilson Creek, the Joyce Kilmer-Slickrock Wilderness, Rock Castle Gorge in Virginia and the Birkhead Mountain Wilderness. 

As you watch our 2019 pass before your eyes, keep in mind that we’ve got a whole lot of trips on tap for 2020. You can check out at least the first half of the year on our GetBackpacking! page here

We’ll be back next week with our GetHiking! Year in Review.

And Happy Holidays, hikers!

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