GetOut! Discover what’s between Point A and B

I just returned from a five-day retreat of sorts, a portion of which was spent thinking about trails. All kinds of trails, and the role they play in our lives. It was something I didn’t realize I’d been thinking about for so long: all the way back, it seems, to the first time I looked into the sky and saw a contrail streaking across the sky, the sign of a journey being taken from unknown Point A to unknown Point B. The initial joy of that journey? Imagining where those two points might be.

Today when I head out on a journey those are often the only givens. I know what’s at Point A, the start, and I’ve a good idea what lies at Point B. It’s the in-between that’s the mystery. 

That’s what we love about trails: the discovery along the way, and what it tells us about the natural world, what it tells us about ourselves.

This weekend, get out and make such a discovery. Find a trail — any sort of trail, be it paved, dirt, rocky, rutted, watery — find its Point A and Point B, and discover what lies in between. 

That’s your homework for the weekend. It’s that simple. 


Today’s video

Part of my trails discovery process of the past several days involved a ferry ride out to Cape Lookout, on a water trail, then a hike around the South Core Banks portion of the Cape Lookout National Seashore, on trail mostly of sand. It was a trip loaded with discovery, as you you’ll see. 

Join us

Our next opportunity for making a Point A to B connection? The weekend of Sept. 11-13, on our first GetHiking! basecamp hiking weekend of the fall, in the Pisgah National Forest. From our camp in the Curtis Creek Campground we’ll climb a mile-high peak, we’ll explore an old growth forest, we’ll spend some time by the fire discussing what it all means. It’s a small gathering, but we still have spots open. Learn more and sign up to join us here.

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