GetOut! The door is closing (slowly) on summer heat

Several mornings this week when we walked out the door, we could feel it: with temperatures in the low 60s — rising only into the low 80s — summer’s stranglehold was loosening. It may have a full month of residency left according to the calendar (fall doesn’t officially start until Sept. 22), but fall has begun elbowing its way in. Sure, we still have some hot days remaining. But the transition has begun.

And that puts us in the weird position, after so many weeks of 90-degree weather, of saying, for this weekend at least, embrace the heat. Make the most of summer’s remaining tastiness doing the things you might not get to do much longer.

  • Go paddling. If you’re fortunate enough to have a canoe or kayak, you’ll find an abundance of boat accesses open. Find access points within North Carolina State Parks here, a rundown of all N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission boat ramps here. If you don’t have a boat, be advised that while the number of rental options is down, they are out there. Your best bet to find one local: Google “kayak rentals near me.” (My search came up with three good options.)
  • Find a watering hole. One of the true joys of summer, and one you may not have had a chance to enjoy yet, is frolicking in a brisk mountain stream or pool. Here are 10 of our favorites.
  • Hike high. As the heat fades, so do your chances for a comfortable hike in the high country. Besides, few things are more satisfying than escaping temperatures in the upper 80s (forecast for the Piedmont this weekend) for a brisk mountain hike in the 60s. Fortunately, we the Southern Appalachians are the high point when it comes to exploring east of South Dakota’s Black Hills. According to the South Beyond 6,000 project, a joint effort by the Carolina Mountain Club and the Tennessee Eastman Hiking and Canoeing Club, there are 40 spots above 6,000 feet in the Southeast (mostly in North Carolina). Some are easier than others to reach, with “easier” is a relative term in this case. Find the 40 here.

Those are our thoughts. GetOut! and make the most of your weekend!

Today’s video

We hit the Wilson Creek area of the Pisgah National Forest today with a look back on our sunny GetBackpacking! trip to the area last year. Good views, deliciously cold pools … . A great weekend destination.

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