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Our goal is to get you outside. Preferably as a well-prepared, confident and competent adventurer. To that end, we offer opportunities in four categories:

Trail guides, books, tutorials

We love when you feel confident enough to strike out on your own, whether it’s for a 2-mile hike on a local trail or thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail (a graduate of our first Intro to Backpacking class actually went on to hike the AT, in 2015). To help you in this regard we offer:

Downloadable PDF tutorials on everything from how to cross a mountain stream to hiking in the dark and more. 

Downloadable PFD guides to local trails, including all the information you need to hike the trail on your own.

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Want to become more comfortable with a map and compass? We can help. Become a backpacker? Our program has graduated more than 240 new backpackers. Become more comfortable hiking at night? Get that, too. And more.

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Hikes, backpack trips

We offer:

  • Seasonal hike series
  • Specialty hikes
  • Weekend hiking escapes
  • Backpacking trips

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Interested in camping but have no gear and aren’t sure where to start? We can help.

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