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Live, from Briar Chapel …

A reminder that I’ll be tweeting live today from 6 BC, the second in the Triangle Off-Road Cyclists’ four-race, six-hour endurance mountain bike series.  (Whew! Hope I’ve got more lungs for the race than I had for that sentence.) The race is a coming out of sorts for the new trail network at Briar Chapel, a green community emerging south of Chapel Hill. Word has it the trail has good flow, some of it very vertical and rocky. read more

East Coast Greenway: News from the (new) top

Does it help to have friends in high places? If there’s any truth to the old political adage then expect to see rapid development of the East Coast Greenway through the region, now that homegrown Dennis Markatos-Soriano is executive director of the East Coast Greenway Alliance. The alliance was founded in 1991 with the goal of creating a paved, 3,000-mile path for bikers, walkers, runners and other non-motorized travelers spanning the East Coast, from Key West, Fla., to Calais, Maine, on the Canada border. Markatos-Soriano, who grew up in Pittsboro and graduated from UNC Chapel Hill in 2001, was appointed executive director of the alliance in August. We caught up with Dennis at the ECGA’s Rhode Island headquarters to get an update on the trail and hear what his plans are for its future. read more — What we’re about

Welcome to your new, fit life! We’re glad you’re here.

Whether you’ve been redirected here from GetOut! GetFit! or, or are a total newcomer to, here’s some background about what we’re up to.

I’m Joe Miller. My job here is to help you find a way of moving that makes you happy. Fitness and good health will follow. Think of me as a kind of personal coach – except I won’t make you weigh in. (Fitness programs pay too much attention to weight and not enough to how they make you feel.) read more

Drink up and avoid leg cramps

Yesterday, I mentioned that my bid to avoid last place in Saturday’s Cry Me A River six-hour mountain bike race was thwarted — in part — by leg cramps early on my fifth lap (a little over 3 hours and 25 miles into the race, to put it in better perspective). I was pit-bound for 45 minutes before finally taking two electrolyte tablets, which gave my muscles a needed salt injection, an injection that let me resume normal function. Or at least move. read more