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This weekend: Hop like a bunny — there’s lots going on

The view north from Elk Knob

Hey, like the headline says: find your adventure (below) and hop to it.


Fess up: how many plastic bags of shells to you have from beach foraging sessions past? Lots, no doubt.

Did you know there are things you can do with those shells? Crafty things, things you might not have thought possible that you could use to spruce up your home or office? Better still, for those long week beach vacations, things that could keep the kids busy for an afternoon or two. read more

This weekend: Sunshine returns

Huggins Island (photo courtesy N.C. Coastal Federation)

The raindrops falling on many of our Tarheel heads (speaking of which, “Go Heels!”) as the work week draws to a close should dry up by the weekend. This week’s weekend recommendations come from the comprehensive events calendar kept by our friends at the N.C. Office of Environmental Education and Public Affairs. See the calendar section below for more info on the NCOEEPA. read more

Your weekend: Get going into the holidays


Your weekend forecast: Clear skies and an abundance to look forward to before the Holiday Season. With a multitude of options, here are a few we are especially eyeing.


It’s the last trip this season, a leisurely cruise through the marshes adjacent to Hammocks Beach State Park, that is. What better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than on the water? There’s an undeniable serenity when on the water and if that’s something you haven’t experienced in a while, this Saturday is your chance. read more