Seeking your passion? Grab some popcorn

You never know where you’ll find inspiration. You could, for instance, think you’re passing some idle time at work by surfing the web and — viola! — you stumble across a video that makes you think, “Wow! I’d like to do that!” Or, in the case of some of the following videos, “Wow! I’d like to do something like that but without risk of loss of limb or life!”

Here are five videos I found when the boss wasn’t looking that may inspire you.

“It’s a Mountain Bike Thing,” Vesrah Suzuki Offroad Team, 4 minutes, 11 seconds. This first video comes recommended by Levi Leipheimer and his Team Radio Shack teammate Lance Armstrong. Despite the title, this video isn’t about mountain biking, it’s about North Shore mountain biking, a whole other animal — part singletrack, part flying.

“Beyond Gravity,” Black & White Productions. 49:19. “It all started with mountains and the desire to get to the top,” narrator Greg Child begins in this documentary video that covers mix climbing — some hard rock, some hard ice — sport climbing and more. (GGNC’s favorite is the route called Caveman that, well, that you just have to see to appreciate.

“Rivermen — Kayaking Highlights,” 5:58. Extreme whitewater kayak videos are as common as Class V rapids during fall release on the Gauley. Most are quick clips of a single crazy descent or a dramatic rescue. This is one is a highlight reel of some of the crazy things kayakers do in playboats. Lots of wild drops to be sure, but lots of rodeo tricks — and the occasional dryland stunt — as well.

“Scuba Diving Devils Cave System,” The ScubaGuys, 8:36. Did this once, under north Florida. Probably won’t happen again. If you’re not claustrophobic and hydrophobic, though, enjoy.

Hang Gliding Championships 2006, 3:50. Did this once before as well, at Kitty Hawk. Eager to try it again. Includes the hang gliding culture as well as the dramatic moment of running off a cliff to take off, the grace (usually) of the landing, and the airborne moments in between. A good gateway for other hang gliding videos as well.

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      1. Don’t by modest. Mr. J. I know you’ve done some pretty impressive flying (over-the-handlebars) on a bike as well.

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