Winners … and winners, at The Magnificent Mile

Well, the iPhone 3G wimped on me again and I was unable to continue Tweeting from yesterday’s Magnificent Mile in downtown Raleigh. In short:

I didn’t win; that honor went for the second straight year to Raleigh’s Bobby Mac, who, again for the second straight year, came in at 4:10.

I didn’t win, but my wife did. During the awards/prizes presentation, my wife and daughter had to run back to our car. When they announced they were going to dreaw the first winner of a Lenovo netbook, I turned to my stepdaughter and said, “I sure hope Hana or your mom don’t win,” since you had to be present to win. Sure enough: “And the winner is … Marcy Smith!” I ran yelling to the announcer — past several folks who observantly noted, “You’re not a Marcy” — explaining my plight. Fortunately, I’d met race organizer Sarah Witt-Roberts a couple weeks earlier and she vouched for my spousal status.

I didn’t win, but the Magnificent Mile and its cause, motor neuron disease, did, exceeding their fundraising goal of $50,000 and drawing 1,030 runners, over 200 more than last year.

I didn’t win, but the crowd watching the finish of the competitive women’s race did, as five women finished within six seconds of one another, the win going to Angelina Blackmon of Cary with a time of 5:02.

I didn’t win, but I did pretty well for me, crossing the finish in 6:23, exceeding my goal by 37 seconds.

I’m mountain bound, headed to the Nantahala National Forest for three days of backpacking. I’m giving the iPhone and ATT one more chance: Tune into JoeAGoGo on Twitter for periodic reports on fall color from the Appletree area of the Nantahala.

Photo: A great finish to the competitive women’s race.

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