It’s Summer!

Summer, it officially begins bright and early (6:51 a.m.) Saturday morning.
To ensure that you’re prepared we’ve assembled a list of resources to help you figure out how to best capitalize on the solstice with the mostest.


Rent a boat: Don’t have a canoe or kayak (or stand-up paddleboard)? No problem. We’ve found 52 places across North Carolina where you can rent a canoe, kayak or SUP — and for as little as a couple bucks an hour. A paddle is within reach! Info here.

Got a boat (close to home): … but aren’t sure where to paddle? In our joint effort with Great Outdoor Provision Co. we’ve identified 35 places to paddle near seven of the state’s largest metropolitan areas. Find everything you need to know, here.

Got a boat (eastern N.C.): Eastern North Carolina has some of the best flat-water paddling around. Anywhere. Period. Throw the boat on the roof rack and check out one of these 10 prime trips.

Whitewater: Playboater, are you? We’ve got 35 trips close to home for you as well.


Close to home: So you’ve got house chores that need getting done. Surely you can carve out a couple hours of trail time close to home. Here are five hikes each close to seven of the state’s larger metro areas.

Farther afield: North Carolina has some of the best hiking in the country. Some of it is close to home (see above), a lot of it is in the high country. Find 20 of the state’s classic hikes here.


Close to home: For us, the temperature needs to be no higher than the upper 60s to sleep in a tent. The Piedmont will be right at that magical mark this weekend, deeming it camping weather in our book. If you’re looking for a place to camp close to home, look here.

Backpacking: Personally, we’ll be doing a little backpacking this weekend. We’ve got a recommendation or two on that as well.

Make the most of the first weekend of summer!

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