Why hike? Here’s one reason

It wasn’t so much an “ah-ha!” moment. It was more of an “ah-ha!” day.

Saturday, our GetHiking! group spent the day exploring the Shining Rock Wilderness region along the Pisgah Ridge west of Asheville. The wilderness itself is 18,483 acres; the immediately adjoining Pisgah National Forest (including the Middle Prong Wilderness) is at least three times that. Shining Rock is known for its high elevations (our travels ranged from 5,000 to over 6,000 feet) and its never-ending supply of views. On a day like Saturday, mostly sunny with clouds scudding in the distance, it is a rare hiking experience in the Southeast. It’s also why we hike.

Rather than try to explain the “why” in words, we’ll share a slideshow from the trip. Worry not: this slideshow is devoid of kooky uncles in Hawaiian shirts, jams and white socks and black loafers. Rather, it’s about one of those days on the trail that you likely won’t forget for awhile.


For more on exploring the Shining Rock Wilderness, go here.

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