GetBackpacking! in 2018

Welcome to a New Year of Opportunities

I climbed into the frigid car this morning, turned the key and was met by a sluggish grind, followed by clicking, followed by quiet. A moment of worry, then a smile. The New Year would be getting off to an active start with a bonus three-mile “hike.”

One of my goals for 2018 is to take better advantage of potential opportunities. In some cases — a car refusing to start before the temperature reaches 20, for instance — that may mean simply recognizing opportunity in the first place. One of our goals at GetGoingNC in 2018 is to do a better job of helping you find opportunities, then take advantage of them. Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve identified some of the opportunities we’re creating to help you be more active in this new year. As you contemplate your course for the year ahead, here’s a quick recap of these programs — and a reminder that we’ll be sharing more in the next couple of weeks.


Beginning Hiker Series. You’ve wondered about hiking, now’s your opportunity to act. Our Beginning Hiker Series consists of eight weekly hikes at different locations around the Triangle intended to introduce you to the world of hiking. The hikes are 2 to 4 miles long, are on Sunday afternoons, and — and this is especially important for you beginners — are led from the back, so you’ll never be left behind. Starts Jan. 7. Learn more and sign up here.

Experienced Hiker Series. Need a little motivation to keep hiking in winter? Every Sunday afternoon through February, we’ll hike a different trail in the Triangle area. We’ll start with a 4.2-mile hike along the Eno and finish with a 9.7-mile hike on the Mountains-to-Sea Trail. In between, our hikes will be 5 to 6 miles — just long enough to get you ready for the spring hiking season. Starts Jan. 7. Learn more and sign up here.

Piedmont Explorer. Once a month from January through June, we’ll hike a different trail within an hour-and-a-half drive of the Triangle. The series is designed to expose those of you accustomed to hiking locally to some of the great Piedmont trails nearby. The hikes will generally be 5 to 6 miles long. Learn more and sign up here.


GetBackpacking! Intro to Backpacking. There’s a certain romance, well deserved, about backpacking, about spending a weekend or longer on the trail, detached: no boats, no lights, no motor cars … . But that romance is unlikely to blossom if you aren’t prepared. Our Intro program includes three training sessions each focused on a specific skill — gear and packing, setting up and breaking down camp, food and its consumption — followed by a weekend graduation trip to the mountains. There is no better way to introduce yourself to the sport. Learn more and sign up here.

GetBackpacking! Intermediate Skills. So you already do some backpacking but would like to become more proficient. Our Intermediate Skills classes help you become more confident in the areas of wilderness navigation, river crossings, solo backpacking, hiking and camp set-up at night, and winter backpacking. Learn more and sign up here.

GetBackpacking! Trips. In 2018, we plan to do a trip a month. Some will be three-day weekend excursions, some will be longer. Most are great opportunities for both beginners, who can to hike with and learn from more experienced backpackers, and more seasoned backpackers, who can not only mentor newbies but also discover new places. Learn more and sign up here.

Opportunities to explore — they abound in 2018. Reach out and take advantage of them today.

Happy Trails and a Happy New Year,



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