Monday, Monday: Our Weekend in 45 Seconds


If you want proof of the healing powers of nature, look at the extended spring with which we’ve been gifted. A handful of days in the 80s, some rain, but for the most part, temperatures in the low 70s, dry skies, sun. The kind of days you expect (but still greatly appreciate over) in early spring, the kind you marvel over on the doorstep of summer. It’s hard not to think we’ve been given this wether to help us cope with the weird times we live in.

This thought occurred to me again Sunday. We lead a small — and yes, physically distanced — hike on a stretch of the Mountains-to-Sea Trail at Falls Lake. It was a stretch, 4.2 miles in Durham County extending from Red Mill Road on the east to Pennys Bend on the west, I hadn’t hiked in several years, but rediscovered a couple weeks ago. An oh-so-gentle climb starting from Red Mill Road, through a Piedmont forest of mostly hardwoods, some pine. Quiet shortly after escaping the road. A couple of bluffs climbed a mile and a half in, single track trail intermixing with long abandoned roadbeds. A smaller bluff formed by an oxbow, bottomland dominated by tulip poplars. A relatively narrow strip of land bound by the Eno River to the north, farmland to the south, but wide enough to accommodate a large sense of escape. And all enjoyed as part of our endless spring.

A comment or two was made about the weather, but I think it flew under the radar: people were simply so glad to be out with other people. Typically on these hikes, there’s a lull in conversation. Not now.

The next two days continue to look springlike. Then, we switch to summer, but for how long? The 7-day forecast won’t say. The smart money is on getting out today or tomorrow; take advantage of this extended gift of spring. You know you need it.


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