We’re here to save your relationship!

The Pandemic has brought us closer to those who live with us.

Maybe even too close. 

We know you all love each other. We know you would move heaven and earth to ensure each other’s health and happiness.

We also know that being in in close quarters 24/7 for more than a year adds up to a lot of togetherness. And you never noticed until now how your loved one could Breathe. So. Loudly.

You may even find yourself saying: “Take a hike. Sweetie.”

We can help with that. 

We can provide healing distance for you and your loved one — both of you can come out of it stronger mentally, physically, and emotionally. 

Let’s say you want to take the edge off the stress with a regular walk in the woods. Great! Sign up for a hike series that gets you out on the weekends or in the evenings after work.

On the weekends, our Sunday hike series is especially popular with one-hiker households. We have a hike at 10 a.m. for up-and-at-em sorts. We also have a hike that goes out at 1 p.m. Both hikes cover about 5 miles (sometimes a mile or so more), at your pace (we lead from the rear, so you’re never at the very end). Each hike in the series is on a different trail.

During the week, our Spring Tuesday Evening Hikes are especially popular with one-hiker households, cover less ground (about 3 miles), and are a great way to welcome the season. Again, each hike is on a different trail.

Contemplating … nothing, at Big Lost Cove Cliffs

Let’s say your sweetie has been making noises about wanting to go on a loooooong hike, but a year inside hasn’t helped with physical preparation. Our Adventure Coaching program may be just the thing. We have an initial chat to see where you are and where you want to be, then we come up with a plan designed around your schedule. It might include you joining one of our hiking groups to limber up. Then it might include prescribed hikes that you do on your own with a GetHiking!-provided PDF guide. Or it might be a combination of both.

If you or your loved one have been thinking about backpacking, We also have a GetBackpacking class that might just scratch that itch — and give you some alone time. Our three-part class — a gear session, a 5-hour in-field training session, and a weekend graduation trip — has produced more than 240 confident, competent, backpackers since 2014. For getting away from it all, nothing beats backpacking.

Let’s say your beloved wants to go camping one weekend, but you aren’t smitten with that much outdoorsness. Check out our concierge camping service. We provide all the gear, set up your tent, and even light the fire for you to toast your marshmallows. You can send your spouse and a few friends, while you enjoy a weekend at home. Alone.

Sign up your spouse and call it a present. You don’t have to say who the present is really for.

Learn more, sign up

GetHiking! Sunday Hike Series. Hikes every Sunday, ranging from 4-7 miles on different trails each week. Runs through May 16. For the morning hike (10 a.m.), learn more and sign up here for singles, here for couples and families; for the afternoon hike (1 p.m.), learn more and sign up here for singles, here for couples and families.

GetHiking! Spring Evening Ephemeral Hike Series. Hikes Tuesday evenings at 6:30, each about 3 miles long at different locations. Runs through May 18. Learn more and sign up here for singles, here for families and couples.

Adventure Coaching. You, or a “friend,” need some direction with your fledgling outdoor career? Our Adventure Coaching program starts with a discussion to determine your goals, then we develop a plan to help you reach them. Email joe@getgoingnc.com to begin the discussion.

Let’s GetHiking! for the Aspiring Hiker. Let’s say you and/or your partner recognize that getting out of the house and into the fresh air of spring would be a good thing — you’re just uncertain about how to make that happen. Our Let’s GetHiking! for the Aspiring Hiker program is just the thing for the reluctant hiker eager to take those first daunting steps. We start with a Zoom intro session, then move on to eight guided hikes to help you become a confident, competent hiker. Includes a copy of our “Let’s GetHiking! A Quick and Comprehensive Guide for the Aspiring Hiker.” Learn more and sign up here for single hikers, here for couples/families.

Let’s GetCamping! Concierge Service. Sometimes, you really crave a night to yourself (especially after a year of not having a night to yourself). And there’s nothing wrong with that, especially when one of you (you decide which one) has that night to yourself in the woods. And why stop at one night? Why not two? Our Let’s GetCamping! Concierge Service lets even non campers spend a night in a lux camp — spacious tent, comfy sleeping pads, rockin’ camp chairs, and more. And you don’t even have to think about it: Just show up and camp is there waiting for you. Learn more about our Let’s GetCamping program here.

GetBackpacking! Intro to Backpacking. Backpacking is the ultimate in getting away from it all, even if you’re only getting away for a weekend. Our three-part class consists of a gear (and getting to know one another) session; a 5-hour in-field training session; a weekend graduation trip to South Mountains State Park. Learn more and sign up here.

GetHiking! Southeast Podcast

This week on the GetHiking! Southeast Podcast we hike the Fonta Flora State Trail, play a round of Retail Therapy and check out which National Forests are starting to reopen. Check it out here.

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