GetOut! Chilly today, but warmer this weekend

It’s a weekend where you can experience the best of two seasons. Get out early and it will feel like winter, with temperatures starting in the mid-20s Saturday and mid-30s Sunday. Wait ’til the afternoon and, on Sunday at least, it’ll be shorts and t-shirt weather. 

Two thoughts for a weekend such as this:

Go short, go warm. Target a trail that’s in the 2- to 4-mile range. One that will be at full spring form, with wildflowers blooming, the trees above budding, especially if you wait until the warmth of the afternoon. When it comes to shorter trails with beaucoup scenery, we typically turn first to our local land trusts. Find five of our favorites here; f you want direction for hiking them, download our “GetHiking! Guide to 5 of our Favorite Land Trust Trails.”

Go long, catch both seasons. On a longer hike — say 5- to 10-miles you can start in the morning cold and hike into the sunny, warm afternoon. It’s the weekend, so don’t go nuts on the “morning” part — 9 a.m. should be early enough to let you savor the cold while hiking into the later day heat. You can find 5 of our favorite long hikes by going here; if you want direction for hiking them, download our “GetHiking! Guide to 5 Longer Hikes for Getting in Shape.” 

This concludes our thoughts for the weekend. 

GetOut! And enjoy!

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