GetHiking! 50+ Summer 2022

You’ve been working most of your life, and maybe you’ve devoted what free time you did have to raising a family. Now, the kids are grown, and you can see an end to the 9-to-5. The point: you now have the time to do the things your’ve been wanting to do for years. The things you haven’t had time for that’ll make you feel like a kid again — and which will help you in all sorts of ways.

Like, spending time exploring the outdoors and becoming a hiker. 

Maybe you just want to become comfortable hiking local trails, get out once a week for an hour or so for a social hike with friends. Maybe you like the social element, but want to get in a cardio workout as well. Or perhaps you’ve decided that you’re in a place where you’d like to start taking physically challenging vacations. Taking a ramble across Great Britain, perhaps. Or walking the Camino de Santiago, or climbing Kilimanjaro. 

We have hiking programs that can help you meet those goals — and more.

GetHiking! Summer Hike Series

  • 8 hikes
  • 3 on Sunday mornings beginning at 9 a.m., 5 on Tuesday evenings, beginning at 6:30 p.m.
  • $155 for single hikers, $265 for couples and families
  • 15 hiker limit
Summer evening along the Eno

When summer rolls around, a lot of hikers — even avid ones — steer clear of the trail. Not here at GetHiking!, though we do make some accommodations for the summer heat. For instance, we like to avoid the mid-day sun — or avoid ol’ sol altogether. More of our brown trails tend to follow blue ones. And we also tend to seek out cooler trails meteorologically speaking. 

Learn more and sign up: Individual hikers go here, couples and families here.

GetHiking! Summer Wednesday Evening Hike Series

  • 10 hikes
  • Every Wednesday evening from June through August.
  • $155 for single hikers, $295 for couples and families.
  • 15 hiker limit
Start your weekend Friday evening with a GetHiking! ramble along the Eno River.

Make the most of your summer evenings with this 10-hike series of weekly Wednesday evening hikes on various trails throughout the Triangle. Hikes are 3-4 miles each, on different trails each week, each well suited for evening hikes, and each geared toward hikers age 50 and up.

Learn more and sign up: Individual hikers go here, couples and families here.

GetHiking! Summer Friday Morning Hike Series

  • 8 hikes
  • Friday mornings, June through August at 8 a.m..
  • $135
  • Includes: Weekly eguide for each hike, including a map, route description, overview of the hike and key details (such as how to get to the trailhead!). All the information you’ll need to hike the trail on your own later.

Summer can be a great time to be on the trail — you just need to know when to hike and where to hike. Our 8-hike GetHiking! 50+ Summer Hike Series hits the trail early, seeks out cool waterways and sun-blocking canopies, takes a leisurely pace and gets you off the trail before the heat hits.  Our hikes are on trails throughout the Triangle, a different trail each week! These hikes are targeted to hikers age 50 and up who are looking for a friendly, non-competitive hiking environment. Our hikes are no-drop; you will always be with the hike leader.

For more information and to sign up, go here.

GetHiking! Summer Hike Series for Clubs/Organizations/Business

If you’ve got a minimum of 8 hikers, we can craft a weekly Spring hike series to suite your needs, from mid-day during the work week, to evenings to weekends. Same as our Sunday series, but set up around your availability.

  • 10 hikes
  • Built around your schedule
  • $165 for single hikers, $295 for couples and families.
  • 8 hiker minimum

For more information, email

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