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Weekend plans? Tri, walk, hike,

This weekend, may we suggest …


You built up a good head of fitness steam over the spring and summer and it seems a waste not to capitalize on it just because summer is now officially over. Well, here’s one more chance for your day in the sun: The 32nd Annual Wilmington YMCA Triathlon in Wrightsville Beach. It’s the biggest race in the North Carolina Triathlon Series, drawing 1,300 participants. The event starts at 7 a.m. with a 1,500 meter swim with the current from the Blockade Runner, followed by a 12-mile bike ride and a 5K — all very flat. $65 (add another $10 if you aren’t a member of USA Triathlon). read more

Fall goals: Set ‘em now

I was noodling around the internet a couple nights back when I came upon the the Second Empire Grand-Prix 2010 Fall Series. I started checking the races in the eight-part series, then thought, “What am I doing? I need to focus on my summer goals (a half marathon, a mountain century bike ride) before I can even start thinking about the fall. read more

Cycling: It’s not all about the workout

On Memorial Day, I was on a two-hour ride into the Wake County countryside. At the light on Green Hope High School Road and NC 55, a retro-ish looking Trek tandem pulled up next to me, dad in the pilot’s seat, son behind him in the stoker’s seat. “My son’s autistic,” the dad began. “This is a great way for us to get out and explore together.” Their rides, he said, were generally in the 20- to 25-mile range and inevitably wound up at McDonald’s. The two couldn’t have looked more content. read more

An event for everyman

Marcy chuckled at her computer screen. The wife was scouting upcoming runs, triathlons, bike rides — anything that might provide a carrot for getting out and training. “The Grueling Triathlon of Doom,” she said, letting me in on the joke.

Grueling Triathlon of Doom? Such truth in advertising, I thought. Triathletes are well-conditioned not to view what they do as “grueling,” nor to entertain notions of “doom.” My mind raced; shortly, my fingers followed, on my own keyboard to see what this Grueling Triathlon of Doom was all about. read more