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Survive the holiday feasting season: A strategy

The holiday party season officially begins this weekend (because the first party I’ve been invited to is this weekend). That means lots of seductive holiday treats, from sausage puffs to rum balls, from one kind of chocolaty thing to 50 other kinds of chocolaty things. As the thoughtful Mae West once said, “I generally avoid temptation unless I can’t resist it.” read more

A new you in 2010? Yes, but why

You know you want to be healthier in 2010. But do you know why you want to be healthier?

It’s human nature that as one year draws to a close we wonder how we might make more out of the year ahead. In our neck of the self-improvement universe here at, that translates to how we can improve our physical lot in 2010. You may know that you want to weigh less and be more energetic. You may know that you want to drop two dress sizes, or pare your waistline down to a 34. You may even know what exercise regimen you plan to pursue and how you plan to eat better. But have you stopped to think about why you want to to do all this? Is it because the doctor told you to lose 15 pounds? Do you want to show up for next year’s high school reunion looking like you did 25 years ago? Are you tired of having to fly business class so you can fit into the seat? Those may be perfectly good reasons to shape up, but are they the reason? read more

Recommended reading: the biggest losers (really)

If you’re debating whether to go the extreme, quick-results road with your New Year’s Resolution (which started yesterday, remember) or adopt a healthy, lifelong lifestyle, check out a New York Times story this week on past contestants on NBC’s “The Biggest Loser.” As you might expect, the long-term impact for many of the contestants over the past eight years has not been good, starting with first season winner Ryan C. Benson, who started that season at 330 pounds, dropped 122 and is back up over 300. Good insight into the show and why strategies that cause you to lose 15 pounds a week or more not only don’t work in the long run, they can threaten your life. read more