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Escape with us into the Outdoors in 2018

Hiking is a gateway activity. You start with a hike along Umstead’s Sycamore Creek after a rain, maybe hike the Little Mountain Falls Trail at Virginia’s Fairy Stone State Park on a cloudless winter day. Before you know it, the notion of spending a day or more on the trail has a keen appeal. You’re hooked by the lure of outdoor escapes. read more

Give the Gift of North Carolina’s Classic Hikes in 2015

Round Bald on the Appalachian Trail, near Carver's Gap.
Round Bald on the Appalachian Trail, near Carver’s Gap.

Plum out of ideas for the adventurous person in your life?

How about the gift of North Carolina’s best hikes?

In 2015, our GetHiking! program will launch a series of monthly hikes on the trails that no North Carolina hiker’s resume should be without: Linville Gorge, Shining Rock, Slickrock Wilderness, Black Mountain Crest Trail, the Great Smokies, Mountains-to-Sea Trail, The Appalachian Trail, Mount Mitchell Trail, Bartram Trail, Tanawha Trail, Panthertown Valley. Hikes that have earned their place for great views, for impressive waterfalls, for old growth forests, for altitude or, perhaps, for attitude. read more