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This weekend runs wild with options

Not the boat you'll be sailing in Adult Learn to Sail.

Sail the not-so-high seas, run with the lions and tigers and bears, take a long bike ride in the mountains. You’ve got all sorts of options in North Carolina this weekend.


You’ve taken the local learn-to-sail class on the local lake, and it was fun. It also made you wonder what it would be like to sail the high seas. Or if not “high” — because, frankly, that sounds a little scary — then at least the salty spray, because that taste in your mouth is what tells you you’re really sailing. Sunday, you have a chance to get a sense of that Columbusian sense of adventure at the North Carolina Maritime Museum’s Adult Learn to Sail program. “Learn the basics aboard stable sailboats” — doesn’t get much more reassuring than that. The course runs from 1-5 p.m. $95. Reservations are required. read more