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This weekend: A weekend of last chances

Need another triathlon before the season ends? We’ve got one? Another century ride? Got one of those, too, in the mountains, no less. And if you’re just into a good time with food, music and water, water everywhere, we’ve got that covered as well. read more

Fall in North Carolina: So much to do, so little time

North Carolina’s brilliant fall weather means all kinds of events and programs will be competing for your attention. This weekend, for instance, you can paddle a swamp, run 5 miles on a greenway that doesn’t yet exist or take a really, really (really) long ride in the mountains. read more

This weekend runs wild with options

Not the boat you'll be sailing in Adult Learn to Sail.

Sail the not-so-high seas, run with the lions and tigers and bears, take a long bike ride in the mountains. You’ve got all sorts of options in North Carolina this weekend.


You’ve taken the local learn-to-sail class on the local lake, and it was fun. It also made you wonder what it would be like to sail the high seas. Or if not “high” — because, frankly, that sounds a little scary — then at least the salty spray, because that taste in your mouth is what tells you you’re really sailing. Sunday, you have a chance to get a sense of that Columbusian sense of adventure at the North Carolina Maritime Museum’s Adult Learn to Sail program. “Learn the basics aboard stable sailboats” — doesn’t get much more reassuring than that. The course runs from 1-5 p.m. $95. Reservations are required. read more

Weekend plans? Wayfinding, kayaking, bicycling

For many of us, it’s the last weekend of summer before the kids head back to school. Act now, because once school and its various activities kick in, it could be a while before the clan has a free weekend of spend together.


I love exploring and I love a good map. But sometimes you get a hankering to go terra incognita; that is, to a spot on the map where trails are sparse and successful navigation depends upon your ability to use a map and a compass to get around. Good skills to have regardless, and skills you can pick up Sunday during an orienteering course at Lake Waccamaw State Park. If you have a compass, bring it, if you need one the park has a few loaners. Definitely bring bug spray, though. It’s an hour-long class, from 4-5 p.m. read more