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Could a TIGER save Durham’s American Tobacco Trail bridge?

While Durham officials circle their wagons and privately mull how to come up with another $2 million to build a pivotal pedestrian bridge over I-40, thereby completing the 22-mile American Tobacco Trail, others outside the city are more candid with possible solutions. Durham discovered the shortfall in July when it opened bids from eight contractors on the project, which also calls for about 4 miles of paved trail. The lowest…

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Yes, Virginia, there is a cool weekend ahead

Fly like an eagle, run like an alligator’s nipping at your heels, go somewhere where you might need a — be still my heart — jacket! It’s all on North Carolina’s busy agenda this weekend. Coast Flying like a bird: it should be on your life’s to-do list, and since it’s there, why not knock it off this weekend? Kitty Hawk Kites has taught more than 300,000 people to hang…

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ATT I-40 span a bridge over troubled water

The long-awaited pedestrian bridge over I-40 in Durham that represents the last link in the 22-mile American Tobacco Trail — the link that was supposed to begin construction later this summer and open next year — has been derailed. Turns out the project will cost about $2 million more than Durham anticipated, $2 million that the city must now try to come up with in a period of extreme cutbacks…

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Resistance … isn’t a bad idea

I wrote the following story originally for the Charlotte Observer and The News & Observer in Raleigh. It runs here with links. They don’t require a monthly payment plan and their own room in your house. In fact, you can get ‘em for about $20, and when you’re not using them, they tuck away in a drawer or under your bed. Resistance bands — elastic tubes with a plastic handle…

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Two Piedmont greenways, two adventures

We’ve added two more greenways to our greenway guide, both of which offer a potential day of escape, especially for young families. Smithfield: Buffalo Creek Greenway. When we stumbled across this work-in-progress in spring 2010, we were surprised by the audacity of such a project (a $1.2 million, 3.3-mile greenway) in a relatively small town (population 13,000ish). The greenway joins the  city’s historic center with new development on the north…

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90 Second Escape: The Climbing Gym

Don’t kid yourself: No matter where you live in North Carolina it’s going to be hot this week. Real hot. Again. As the saying goes, when the going gets tough, the tough take a second look at the thermometer and say, “To heck with this. I’m staying inside.” Which doesn’t mean sitting on your tush and missing out on adventure. One of the best outdoor pursuits to make the transition…

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This weekend, make a night of it

If we wanted to live on the Sun, we would have moved there. Instead, the Sun apparently has decided to move here. More record-breaking heat is upon us, which would have more more sane people opting to stay indoors. For those of us of hearty, boiling  stock, that’s not an option. We just need to play it smart: Instead of going out in the daytime when it’s 102 in the…

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Do I suck? (Or am I just bad?)

“I … I just didn’t have anything more to give,” I confided to my cycling psychologist on our ride this morning. “I was empty.” Allen and I ride one morning a week at Umstead. It’s typically a mildly competitive ride where we save just enough air to chat about bikes (lot’s of debate about whether to go the 29er route), rides (mountain centuries that Allen does and I talk about),…

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90 Second Escape: A ride in the woods

Monday — never an easy time for the outdoors enthusiast, especially come summer. After a weekend of adventure, returning to the humdrum work-a-day world can make one melancholy. 
To help ease this trying transition, we’re running a new feature every Monday, at least during the summer, called 90 Second Escape. Essentially, it’s a 90-second video of a place you’d probably rather be: a trail, a park, a greenway, a lake…

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Does the ‘Buck stop here?

For 10 years, the Huck A Buck has been an institution for Triangle area mountain bikers. And for the last two years, the race’s organizers, Happy Fun Racing, have said the 2011 edition would be the last. But a month ago, we detected waffling. It might be the last, one organizer let slip. So, was Sunday’s race the last? GetGoingNC.com took its cameras (just one actually, a flip video) to…

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