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Weekend plans? Three suggestions … or find your own

A run, a hike and a sunset are three of the numerous ways you can get out and explore this weekend. Coast It can be hard to find a foot race once sweltering summer settles in — but it’s not surprising that if there’s a race to be found, it’ll be at the coast. A breeze (hopefully) coming off the water and a flat course help compensate for the heat….

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Gavin Coombs: Getting paced by the best

I figured Gavin was a good runner. He was, after all, one of our coaches. But it wasn’t until Saturday’s training run that I discovered just how good he was. Gavin Coombs and Sean Kurdys coach the half-marathon training program I’m in. Like other running programs that have sprouted the last few years, it’s intended to get you from Point A (the starting line) to Point B (the finish) in…

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A Frank approach to modern exploring by bike

In Friday’s blog: Monday, Marcy and I went to hear author/historian David Herlihy talk about his new book, “The Lost Cyclist: The Epic Tale of an American Adventurer and His Mysterious Disappearance” at Quail Ridge Books & Music. His talk inspired a bike journey of my own. In today’s blog: That journey. I didn’t plan to take the Circle the Triangle route to Durham the morning after Herlihy’s reading, in…

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Bike race on the bottom of the sea

Thursday, I mentioned in passing a bike race on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. How, you might wonder, could one mention a bike race on the ocean floor in passing? An oversight on my behalf, so I’m back today with a rebroadcast of a story I wrote for The News & Observer in 1996 on the 13th annual Underwater Bike Race on the Indra. It’s a tale that needs…

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Cycling adventure through a new Lenz

My wife leaned over and whispered, “You’re thinking about something.” It was hard not to. (And drat the telltale look that signals when thought is finally occurring.) It was Monday evening and we were among 30 or so others listening to author David Herlihy recount the adventures of cycling explorer Frank Lenz. Lenz was a Pittsburgh bookkeeper who became caught up in the early stages of a cycling boom that…

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Introducing the GGNC Comprehensive Calendar Collection

The weekend approaches. You’re eager to do something, but what? And when? And where? Behold the GetGoingNC Comprehensive Calendar Collection. For a while now I’ve been mulling a unified calendar that would include every outdoor activity — from nature hikes, to bike rides, to paddle trips, to 5Ks, to Yoga-in-the-Park to whatever — going on across the state. I’m still mulling (I’ve discovered that such a calendar is a lot…

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Aha! Proof that the BMI is flawed

Those of you who are in great shape yet feel betrayed — and baffled — by your BMI, take heart. A study released earlier this month by the American College of Sports Medicine finds that you can be in great shape, yet deemed overweight by your BMI. Seventy-one high school football players from seven schools were poked and probed in a variety of ways to determine their fitness levels. Based…

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Study: Trekking poles make a big difference

Last year I was backpacking across Jane Bald on the Appalachian Trail when I came upon a 74-year-old gentleman from Atlanta. We talked for a few minutes, mostly about his extensive hiking experience in the region. “Of course,” he said after sharing his 10th favorite trail, “I wouldn’t be hiking any of them without these.” At that, he tapped the two hiking poles he’d been leaning against. “Wish I’d started…

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Team Bandwidth.com’s 3,004-mile sprint

The following post on Team Bandwidth.com’s winning of this year’s Race Across America originally appeared in the Work & Money section of The News & Observer on Sunday, June 27. I’ve written more on the team’s experience here. In 2004, Bandwidth.com had the kind of experience that sends shivers down the corporate spine. The Cary telecom company provides phone and Internet service to businesses, some of its own creation, some…

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More on Team Bandwidth.com’s sprint across America

In today’s The News & Observer, I write about Team Bandwidth.com’s experience in Race Across America, the 3,004-mile bike race from Oceanside, Calif., to Annapolis, Md., that TB.com won (competing in the four-person team division), covering the distance in 6 days, 3 hours and 9 minutes. Here are more details on TB’s experience. (Probably makes more sense if you read the main story first, then come back here for more…

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