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Arthritis: A pain in the joints or a ‘friendly reminder’?

I’d been referring to this injury that had been dogging me for three weeks a hamstring pull, but I knew that wasn’t right. For one, the pain was at the front of my leg, nearly to my groin; wouldn’t I feel hamstring in the back of my leg? And the more I worked it, the less it hurt. Seemed a hamstring would continue hurting, hurt even more, the more I…

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Cheap fun: Free fitness

It was the day after Thanksgiving and the 12-year-old asked the question I’d been dreading. “So,” she inquired, “what are we doing today?” Dreading for two reasons. One, I’d tweaked a nagging leg injury at the Inside Out Turkey Trot the day before and my mobility was limited. (“Limited” meaning I could barely walk. Oddly, I could ride a bike pain free. Trouble was, the weather wasn’t supportive of a…

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Hike in the holidays

Not a mall person? Avoid the maddening crowds this Black Friday and throughout the remainder of the Thanksgiving holiday with one of these five hikes, culled from “100 Classic Hikes in North Carolina.” Coast Neusiok Trail, Croatan National Forest Havelock 20.1 miles (with shorter section hike options) Getting there: From U.S. 70 in Havelock, go left on NC 101. After 5.3 miles, go left on Ferry Road/NC 306. Go another…

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Are you bigger than you think you are?

Something to be aware of as we enter the holiday season: You may not be the person you think you are. Or more to the point, you may be more of a person than you think you are. A study in the December issue of Obstetrics & Gynecology reports that of 2,224 women taking part in an assessment of “perceptions of body weight and weight-related behaviors,” just one in four…

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Kick ‘em out! (Your kids, that is)

The following GGNC story appeared in the November 23 editions of The News & Observer in Raleigh and the Charlotte Observer. It’s rerun here, with links. For additional information about getting kids outside, visit yesterday’s post. The virtues of kids being outdoors have been touted in a number of studies. But when it comes down to it, the proof is in the playing. Mounting evidence shows our kids spend too…

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Resources for getting your kids outdoors

As a recovering print journalist, one reason I prefer an online existence is it provides more opportunity to share information, primarily through links. Rather than give a short, perhaps unfulfilling definition of a concept I can provide that short definition, then link to a site where, if you chose, you can learn your fill (but then return the rest of my story). Today, I have a story appearing in both…

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Start Thanksgiving with trots and runs

It may seem not right to suggest that Thanksgiving won’t be complete without the trots and runs, but it’s true. Imagine going out for a nice run — a 5K, an 8K, a 10K or even a half marathon —before settling in for a day of Thanksgiving feasting. Perhaps you’re thinking, “Hmm, I run 5 miles I can eat guilt-free for the rest of the day. Maybe this guy is…

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Two-wheeled therapy for a stress-filled world

I once told someone I could tell how I was doing mentally by my last mountain bike ride. If I’d taken an aerobic ride on fire roads — one where I could go relatively fast without paying much attention, one where I could let my mind drift — I was doing pretty good. I was still doing pretty good if the ride was half fire roads, half more aggressive, aggression-relieving…

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This weekend, a bird walk, a ‘lights’ bike ride, a trail run

Among your active options for this weekend in North Carolina … Coast Wings Over Water may be over and the tourists may have left, but the star attractions — the birds — remain. Check out the nearly 400 species of birds who call the Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge home — either year-round or seasonally — on a guided hike Sunday at 8 a.m. Specifically, the hike will explore the…

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Run from that cold!

Another reason to exercise: You’ll keep from catching cold. You’ve likely heard that from your friendly, local robo-athlete, the guy or gal who works out with machine-like efficiency pert near every day. Well, he/she now has a study out of the Human Performance Laboratory at Appalachian State’s North Carolina Research Campus in Kannapolis — quick breath so we can finish this sentence — to back him/her up. ASU researchers followed…

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