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Workouts go outside

The following story, which I wrote, first appeared in The News & Observer on Sept. 14 (a similar version ran the same date in the Charlotte Observer). It appears here with links. It’s hard to imagine a better yoga studio: as the hourlong class goes on, the temperature drops, the light dims and the obligatory relaxation music is as soothing as an eventide symphony on the front porch. And when…

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Walk, ride: They make a difference no matter who you are

Sunday, I returned from Colorado where I noticed more people riding bikes, more people hiking and walking than they do here in North Carolina. I also noticed that there was a whole let less of the people there than there is of the folks here. Hmm, I wondered. Is there a connection? Why, yes, it turns out. There is. It may be no-duh research, but it demands repeating because so…

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Cool! Time to start hiking

About 12:30 I stepped outside for a quick run and — Wow! I thought I was back in Colorado, from where I had returned the evening before with the itch to hike. There, the overnight lows were already dipping into the upper 40s, the daytime highs in the 70s. Coupled with the state’s trademark dry weather it was perfect hiking weather — much like what I felt when I stepped…

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When mellow beats medal

Yesterday, I went for mellow instead of a medal. Originally, during my quick visit to Colorado, my plan was to climb two of Colorado’s 52 14ers, 14,264-foot Mt. Evans and its little brother, 14,060-foot Mt. Bierstadt. A 10-mile loop connects the two from a trailhead at Guanella Pass. With a minimal total elevation gain of 3,900 feet (albeit all above 11,000 feet) it seemed a doable accomplishment for a flat…

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Weekend plans? Surf’s up (and that’s not all)

Ward off the post Labor Day weekend blues with a little action this weekend. Coast Technically, the summer beach season ends Labor Day. At least that’s what the masses think. In fact, with the masses thinking that and the water temperature still summer-friendly (84.2 degrees as of this afternoon at Wrightsville Beach) it’s hard to imagine a better time to hit the coast: All you need is a reason. Saturday’s…

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A magnificent reason to run a mile

When I sign up for a run or ride benefiting a cause, I usually have some idea what the cause is. When I signed up for The Magnificent Mile on Sept. 19, I had no idea what primary lateral sclerosis or spastic paraplegia were. Fortunately, I signed up at The Athlete’s Foot in Cameron Village last week and Sarah Roberts-Witt was on hand. Unfortunately for Sarah, but fortunately for the…

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Rockin’ ‘n’ rollin’ in Virginia Beach

Sitting in the Hampton Roads Transit bus at 5:44 yesterday morning, a sobering feeling came over me. Glancing around, my fellow runners all had bib numbers in the five digits. More competent looking runners than I bore numbers such as 11256, 18097, 20876. With 6645 plastered across my chest, I felt like a poseur. In many races, your bib number doesn’t mean much: Usually, it reflects how early you registered….

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One foot at a time, farther, faster

Thursday evening, I sidled up to two runners midpack in our Fit-Tastic walk-to-run program. (I was in the program last fall, I’m a mentor this year, sharing what insights a year of running has instilled in me.) Both women were pushing it, neither were struggling. “Like the hills?” I asked. We were trudging up an incline behind Raleigh’s Cameron Village shopping area. “We’re running longer,” the one got out between…

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Salli’s Senior Workout: 23 years and counting

Salli Benedict thought she was over-the-hill in 1987. “I had just turned 40 and I thought, ‘I’m so old.’” Not a sentiment Benedict would tolerate today from her workout class, most of whom are twice that age. It was the same year Benedict, now 62, turned 40 that she took a “wellness retirement training” course through the Body Recall and started teaching an exercise class for seniors. Initially, the class…

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Weekend plans? A river of runs

It’s Labor Day weekend, and thus you are obligated to play. Some thoughts on the subject … . Coast Earl permitting, there’s good reason to head to Wilmington this weekend: the March of Dimes 5K Run for Healthier Babies. I mean, who wouldn’t run 3.1 miles for a healthy, happy baby? Or walk a mile? Or sleep walk? Sleep walk? Do tell. Apparently that’s the category for folks who like…

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