1. Baxter Smith says:

    I am a distance runner training for a fall marathon and I keep hearing
    about the Neuse River trail. I definitely want to
    come out to the trail this Saturday with a friend,
    But I am unsure of where we can park to get the most mileage.
    Could you give me directions of a place to park and if
    there are any bathrooms available on the trail
    or at the parking lot? Thanks so much, and look
    forward to running on another great trail!

    Baxter Smith

    • JoeMiller says:

      Hi Baxter. So far, 6.5 miles of the trail have opened (a 13-mile out-and-back), from Falls dam south. There are porta-potties at the south end (the WRAL soccer complex) and there may be at the north end as well, can't recall. You can read about that stretch here. Also, on the south end of the trail 5.5 miles is open from Clayton north to the Wake County line. Read about the Clayton stretch here. The upper Neuse stretch has foot-friendly, finely crushed gravel shoulders.

      I take it you're familiar with the also-foot-friendly, long trails at Umstead and the American Tobacco Trail?

      Hope that helps.

  2. Anthony says:

    30+ mile out and back ride from Sam's Branch trialhead in Clayton to Poole Rd. in Raleigh this past weekend. The stretch north of Auburn-Knightdale Rd. to Battle Bridge Rd. needs asphalt and transitions to bridges as well as about 100 feet of boardwalk before complete. From the new bridge over the Neuse, south of the treatment plant, to just north of the county line needs only one bridge lifted into place and everything paved to be complete. All in all it's a passable route with the exception of one bridge needing a climb near Auburn-Knightdale. The workers that I run into on the weekends don't mind the "early trail users" as long as they stay clear when heavy machines are in use during the week. Should make their deadline of opening the southern portions of the Neuse River Greenway Trail later this year if they keep it up. All we need now is the extensions of the Walnut Creek and Crabtree trails. One step closer to a traffic free commute.

    • JoeMiller says:

      Great update, Anthony. Thanks.

  3. Ethan says:

    I'm trying to keep up with the Neuse River Trail progress on this map I've created here:

    Feel free to use it and give feedback!


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