‘Miserable’? Depends upon your perspective

Two days ago, the weekend forecast for across the land (“the land” being North Carolina) called for mostly sunny skies and highs in the low 70s. Perfect weather for just about every outdoor pursuit.
Today, the word “miserable” is in the forecast for Saturday. (WRAL.com: “ … We should have a miserable day with wind and rain playing a prominent role in the forecast. .. .”
It’s a meteorologist’s prerogative, I reckon.
New forecast in hand, we have two thoughts.
One, a little rain — and a little wind and below-normal temperatures — shouldn’t keep you from enjoying the outdoors in some fashion. I’ve long been a fan of hiking in the rain, an intimate experience with a shot of adrenaline if you hike along a normally placid creek infused with an inch or two of rain. You simply have to go prepared. You can do that in one of two ways. If you’re an avid hiker, it’s worth your while to spring for good rain gear. (A jacket we’re particularly covetous of is the Patagonia Super Cell.)  Or, for as little as 99 cents you can buy a surprisingly effective poncho.
For more on the topic, check out this post from 2012.
Two, if it simply is too miserable for your sensibilities, this weekend could be a good opportunity to check out your neighborhood climbing gym; a list of which you will find here.  Never been climbing but intrigued? Here’s a post on the intro to climbing class offered by the Triangle Rock Club.
So, “miserable”?
The forecasting, maybe. But not the prospects for weekend fun.

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