We’re looking forward to the weekend at Wilson Creek (and you can, too)

Some workweeks last longer than others. We’re guessing this will be a long one, even though for us it’s only four days. Friday, we’re turning on the “out of office” reply and slipping out the door for a wild weekend in Wilson Creek.

Wilson Creek, Linville Gorge’s little brother. It may not have the gaping chasm of its better-known neighbor, but it does have numerous smaller ones that offer intimate, less crowded and more accessible (somewhat) access to the bracing waters that drain from Grandfather Mountain’s southeast flank. Cascades and their resulting pools, where relief from an onslaught of 90-degree summer heat is found in so many spots, not just in the main gorge. And many of these pools are rimmed by polished granite, ideal for sunbathing. Take a dip, sunbathe until dry. Repeat. Imaging spending an afternoon — or the entire weekend doing — just that. 

Did we mention the views? Those, too.

Are we telling you this to make you envious? Not in the least. We’re telling you this because we’ve had two cancelations on our trip and we’re offering you the chance to come along. We’ll base camp for two nights below Hunt-fish Falls (just a 1.3-mile hike in), do a 7-mile day hike Saturday, culminating early afternoon at one of the sweetest rock-rimmed mountain pools around, and do a shorter day hike Sunday to South Harper Falls. Time permitting, we may even do a 1.7-mile hike to one of the more spectacular cliff-top overlooks along the Blue Ridge.

Intrigued? You can learn more about the trip and sign up here. 

The video

Today’s video is from a 2019 GetBackpacking! trip to Wilson Creek.

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