GetOut! Rain? Don’t let it keep you inside this weekend

For the first time in a while, there’s a chance of rain in the weekend forecast. But how much and where exactly is hard to tell — harder to tell than usual, because the source of the rain is a fickle hurricane. Or the remnants of a fickle hurricane.

Delta, which is expected to make landfall this evening in Louisiana, is forecast to continue into the Midwest, then curl into the Northeast, possibly bringing moist tropical air into our region starting late in the day Saturday. So it could be wet from late Saturday into Monday. But, again, it’s a hurricane, and they aren’t known for sticking to script.

In any event, Saturday into mid-day looks the most promising for getting out and exploring. And it you’re like us, what’s on your mind this second weekend of October is finding fall color. One spot where we’ve found it getting a jump in the Piedmont: the Bunter-Falls of Neuse Game Lands north of Falls Lake.

Mostly bordering the north rim of the lake, this 40,670-acre spread is devoted to cultivating a healthy wildlife population. That means managing the land, and to manage it, you need access to it. That happens via gravel roads open only to N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission vehicles and to those of us on foot. There’s a lot to discover here, the discovery starting with simply where to find a trail. NCWRC has maps on their site (find the Butner map here), but they are general overviews and vague on specifics. (See “GetOut!” below for a less iffy approach.)

That’s one option for the weekend. Another: embrace the rain by suiting up and immersing yourself in its midst. It’s another sure way to avoid the crowds.

Rain or shine, GetOut! this weekend and explore!


Butner made easy. Intrigued by the Butner-Falls of Neuse Game Lands but leery of exploring a new place with no direction? Our GetHiking! Guide to Hiking the Bunter-Falls of Neuse Game Lands gives you all the information you need — from directions to the trailhead, to a step-by-step trail guide, to a map — to reduce the stress of our visit. Check it out here.


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Today’s video

Today’s video takes you on a tour of the Butner-Falls of Neuse Game Lands near the Butner Depot.

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