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Embrace August’s Dog Days

I have so looked forward to the Dog Days of August*, that period of summer when the heat, exacerbated by the humidity, is at its worst. 

If you’re thinking, “How could August be any hotter than it’s already been?” you’d be justified. Meteorologists say this has been the hottest summer on record. I’d venture that it’s also been the muggiest. Of course, I’ll take 90-degree/80-percent humidity days over the 31 days of temperatures 110 or greater that Phoenix endured.  read more

An August adventure (or four) to save your summer

Every year, it’s the same thing. Memorial Day arrives with great expectations for an adventurous summer. Then, suddenly, it’s August and that longed-for adventure has not yet happened.

Despair not!

We’ve got some great adventures planned for August that will salvage the summer and then some. Put on your adventure face, it’s time to get out and play! read more

Another pitch for the weekend

Looks like a hit, dry weekend over much of the state, with temperatures suitable for doing a raft of activities.

Rafting, for instance, which I would be doing if I were in Charlotte, where the mercury is supposed to hit 97 Sunday. Sounds like a good reason to visit the National Whitewater Center. Other thoughts (in addition to yesterday’s suggestions): read more