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Running downhill, hiking up

One thing I like about 5Ks: Like snowflakes, no two are alike. That’s not to say they don’t have similarities: they’re all 3.1 miles, for example (usually). This summer’s four-race BluePoints 5K Race Series, for instance, is turning out to be a very fast series. read more

Choosing a 5K from a chunk of options

Tomorrow, I turn 55. In observation, I’ve decided that my year in fitness should revolve around the number 55. Since I dabble in running, I’ve decided one of my goals will be to run 11 5Ks, the logic being: 11 races x 5K = 55(K). But which 11 5Ks to do? It was a decision that became more difficult as I looked around and discovered just how many 5Ks there are. read more