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Do This, Not That

In today’s The News & Observer and Charlotte Observer I follow up on a study from Oregon State University that found an active daily lifestyle trumps long periods behind a desk interrupted by three 30-minute visits to the gym every week. The story discusses the study of more than 6,300 adults and offers suggestions for pumping a little activity into your life. You can read the story in this space tomorrow, with links. read more

Searching for a step up

Jeff and his stair-running weights.

I’m always on the lookout for a quick, effective workout. To share with you, my faithful readers, of course. But mainly for me. This morning, I may have struck gold.

Once or twice a week for the last decade, I’ve done an early morning mountain bike ride at Umstead State Park with my buddy Alan Nechemias. We ride the bridal trail network, sometimes throwing in some adjacent singletrack. We ride for an hour and a half to two hours, usually put in 20 to 25 miles. It’s a great workout. read more