GetOut! Explore Your Neighborhood this weekend

We are in the cusp of a gorgeous weekend, at least here in the Piedmont of North Carolina. A cold front is moving through, dropping temperatures 20 degrees from the past several days. At least through Saturday, that means temperatures only in the low 60s under sunny skies.

So, as we are every Friday, we’re here to encourage you to GetOut! and enjoy. But, as we’ve had to do over the last few weeks, we’ve had to alter that message: Instead of encouraging you to get out and explore the world at large, we’ve had to rein in and encourage you to explore your more immediate world at large.

And not do it with 10 or more people.

And not get within 10 feet of one another.

On the surface, that may seem limiting. But it’s not. Odds are there’s a lot more adventure nearby than you realize. What do we mean by “nearby”? 

The Outdoor Alliance recommends traveling no more than 50 miles. That, they say, is about as far as most of us can go without having to stop for gas, for food, to go to the restroom. 

In fact, the closer to home you can keep your adventure, and more importantly, the farther you can stay away from other people, the better. 

Yesterday, we published a guide on the subject of exploring your nearby environs called, “Explore Your Neighborhood: A guide to discovering the world immediately around you in these shelter-in-place times.” You can learn more about “Explore Your Neighborhood” and buy a copy ($3.45) here. 

A few tips from the guide to help with your shelter-in-place weekend adventures:

  • Google Map your neighborhood. Call up your neighborhood, use the Distance tool to determine how far out you’re comfortable walking, see what lies within that zone. 
  • Look for streams and other waterways in your neighborhood. They may not have official trails, but they may well have unofficial trails forged by game and people fishing.
  • Pick your time of day wisely. If you live in a more populated neighborhood, head out at a time when your neighbors are less likely to be out. Early morning, for instance. Or later in the evening. Or when it’s raining (really!).
  • Take time to take in what you’re looking at. You’ve got loads of time, right? Don’t rush yourself.
  • Don’t trespass. If an undeveloped tract of land is marked with “No trespassing” signs, or if a greenspace is closed due to the coronavirus, move on.
  • Don’t take risks. The last thing you or anyone wants is for you to get injured and have to call in emergency personnel, who have their hands full already.

That said, get outside this weekend and enjoy. You need it.

Explore Your Neighborhood

For help on exploring your own backyard:

Morning Walk with Joe. Join us every weekday morning at 7:30 (and a little later on most weekend mornings) for Morning Walk with Joe on Facebook Live. It’s 10 minutes or so of Joe’s morning walk, no 10 minutes of which are the same. It’s another opportunity to pick up tips on how to make the most of your neighborhood adventures. Catch it here.

“Explore Your Neighborhood.” Again, our 44-page guide helps you make the most of your neighborhood adventures. Learn more and buy a copy ($3.45) here.


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