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It’s spring! Here’s how to avoid crowded trails

It’s always been a goal to hike the trails less traveled. It’s a goal we’ve embraced with extra gusto over the past two years.

Quick recap: hiking was pretty popular prior to March 2020, it became the go-to source of not only outdoor recreation, but recreation of any kind after March 2020, it being deemed the only safe form of recreation in the face of a global pandemic. While hiking no longer bears that mantel, scads of folks who discovered the joy of hiking over the past two years aren’t going away. And the beginning of spring is when you really begin to notice the increased number of hikers on the the trail.  read more

GetOut! This weekend’s snow report

“Explore Your Neighborhood”

Here’s the snow report for this weekend:

Seems like we should start making this a regular feature in our Thursday GetOut! weekend planning advisory. For have we ever had three weekends in a row with snow? The folks here in the GetHiking! Weather Center can find no record of that happening before in the Piedmont (though our records only go back 10 years). Anyway … read more

Explore Your ‘Hood: Kings Highway Park

It’s the journey, not the destination, Ralph Waldo Emerson is often quoted as saying. That’s especially true when you Explore Your Neighborhood.

Typically on outdoor outings the journey to reach the trailhead isn’t so special: an interstate highway, a self-serve gas station, fast food. You’ve seen one burrito supreme, you’ve seen ‘em all.  read more