GetOut! This weekend’s snow report

Here’s the snow report for this weekend:

“Explore Your Neighborhood”

Seems like we should start making this a regular feature in our Thursday GetOut! weekend planning advisory. For have we ever had three weekends in a row with snow? The folks here in the GetHiking! Weather Center can find no record of that happening before in the Piedmont (though our records only go back 10 years). Anyway …

What snow there might be should move out of the area Friday night and Saturday morning, leaving cold temperatures (highs in the low 30s), clear skies and some slick roads.

So, once again, try to keep your activities close to home — speaking of which … .

Have we mentioned lately our 2020 book, “Explore Your Neighborhood: A Guide to Discovering the World Immediately Around You”? It’s a compact 53 pages of quick tips for finding adventure out your front door. (The compact nature makes it easy to quickly unearth the information that will help you find adventure nearby; less time reading, more time exploring.) 

That’s one option for the weekend — and one you can start planning for immediately since the book is available on Kindle.

Because the weather remains up in the air (will it snow? The GetGoingNC Model says “maybe”), we’re loathe to make a suggestion (other than the one to buy our book). Instead, wake up Saturday, look out the window, see what you’ve got, and from there, GetOut!

* * *

About ‘Explore Your Neighborhood’

“Explore Your Neighborhood: A Guide to Discovering the World Immediately Around You,” $6.99 paperback, $4.99 Kindle, available here.

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