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Year of the Trail: Start Marking Your 2023 Calendar

Too early to start planning for 2023?

Not when you love the outdoors and 2023 happens to be Year of the Trail in North Carolina.

As I’ve mentioned over the last couple of months, next year has been deemed Year of the Trail in North Carolina and there’s going to be a lot going on. For starters, the State Legislature in 2022 allocated $29.15 million in funding for the Complete the Trails Fund. That money will fund State Trail projects as well as projects deemed :shovel-ready” — that is, the land has been purchased and the trail designed; all that’s needed now is the money to build it. Expect a lot of “Excuse our Mess” signs out in the woods next year. read more

This weekend: walk the coast, paddle the Piedmont, get educated in the mountains

Start the weekend with a Friday evening paddle at Jordan Lake.

The headline says it all. Without further adieu … .


Last year we drove through Elizabeth City on the way to New Jersey. We stopped, walked around for about an hour, wished we had more time. We vowed to look for a reason to return, a reason such as this Saturday, when there’s not one, but two walks, both of which provide an opportunity to explore Elizabeth City, stretch your legs and help a good cause. read more