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Explore with Us

Our goal is to get you outside. Preferably as a well-prepared, confident and competent adventurer. To that end, we offer opportunities in four categories:

Trail guides, books, tutorials

We love when you feel confident enough to strike out on your own, whether it’s for a 2-mile hike on a local trail or thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail (a graduate of our first Intro to Backpacking class actually went on to hike the AT, in 2015). To help you in this regard we offer: read more

GetHiking! Corporate Wellness

If you’re interested in bringing all the wellness benefits of hiking to your workplace, we can help.

GetHiking! Corporate is an employer-sponsored program designed to get employees from behind their desks and into the outdoors.

“You did an amazing job with our group, with so much planning that went into it.  It was wonderfully executed. “
— Chrissy  Lantry, Novo Nordisk,
on weekend teambuilding retreat

What’s the difference between walking a few times around the building at lunchtime and hiking for a couple hours on the weekend? Rather than rushing to get in those laps before you return to your desk, you’ll be challenging mind and body as you move on natural surface with more ups and downs, twists and turns. Rather than fretting about the email you need to send, you’ll be navigating trees and rocks, allowing your brain to shift focus and let the stress flow out of you. Hiking regularly you’ll be more relaxed, have more stamina, and be more ready than ever to tackle whatever challenges come your way. read more