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Discover North Carolina’s State Trails

How do you follow an event like Year of the Trail?

You don’t. But you do build on it.

The just-passed Year of the Trail was intended to promote North Carolina’s vast trail system. Hiking trails, sure, but paddling, biking and equestrian as well. Year of the Trail events were held in 94 of the state’s 100 counties, those events ranging from hour-long guided walks on local greenways to three-day festivals celebrating trails across the state. The ultimate sign of Year of the Trail’s success? When the concept was conceived by the state’s General Assembly in 2021, it included $29.15 million for trail development; in the budget passed this past fall, legislators allotted nearly twice that much for trail development in the next two years. read more

North Carolina’s lesser-known State Trails

“Where are all the rocks and tree roots?” Kimberly asked about three miles into Sunday’s hike?

Where, indeed? And that raised another question: the ill-equipped — in every way imaginable — hikers whom we’d passed heading up rugged and exposed Shortoff Mountain earlier that morning? Why weren’t they on this friendlier trail instead? Perhaps because they don’t know it exists? read more