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This weekend: Trees, stars, rocks

What's the big tree on the left?
What’s the big tree on the left?

A learning experience at the coast, stargazing in the Piedmont, and in the mountains, drawing inspiration from some true rock stars.


Can you tell an oak from a hickory, a beech from a boxelder? Maybe in summer, when a full canopy displays each tree’s distinctively shaped, tell-tale leaves. But in winter, when the leaves have vacated, identifying the dendrologic denizens of the forest can be more challenging. read more

90 Second Escape: Fade to Winter

Monday — never an easy time for the outdoors enthusiast. After a weekend of adventure, returning to the humdrum work-a-day world can make one melancholy. To help ease the transition, every Monday we feature a 90 Second Escape — essentially, a 90-second video or slide show of a place you’d probably rather be: a trail, a park, a greenway, a lake … anywhere as long as it’s not under a fluorescent bulb. read more

Why hike? Here’s one reason

It wasn’t so much an “ah-ha!” moment. It was more of an “ah-ha!” day.

Saturday, our GetHiking! group spent the day exploring the Shining Rock Wilderness region along the Pisgah Ridge west of Asheville. The wilderness itself is 18,483 acres; the immediately adjoining Pisgah National Forest (including the Middle Prong Wilderness) is at least three times that. Shining Rock is known for its high elevations (our travels ranged from 5,000 to over 6,000 feet) and its never-ending supply of views. On a day like Saturday, mostly sunny with clouds scudding in the distance, it is a rare hiking experience in the Southeast. It’s also why we hike. read more

A Month on the MST

Saturday, 30 hikers with our GetHiking! Triangle hiking group set off on an ambitious, but certainly not arduous, task: To hike all 60 miles of the Mountains-to-Sea Trail along Falls Lake. In Greensboro, our GetHiking! Triad group likewise launched a month of exploring the MST with a 5.7-mile hike on a section it piggybacks on the Sauratown Trail between Hanging Rock and Pilot Mountain. And this Saturday, GetHiking! Charlotte will commence its month-long exploration of the MST with a hike from the Basin Cove Overlook to the Devil’s Garden Overlook along the Blue Ridge Parkway. read more