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GetOut! This weekend gets off to a blustery beginning

All right, folks, time for another round of weekend weather roulette when we spin the weather wheel and see which day will be more conducive to spending time outdoors. And the winner is … Sunday! 

Saturday doesn’t look half bad, with mostly sunny skies and temperatures in the 50s. However, the wind is expected to kick up in the afternoon, with a steady blow of 15-20 mph winds out of the southwest, with gusts up to 35! That’s especially problematic if you worry about dead wood showering down upon you from the canopy. read more

GetOut! Winter and Spring, in the same weekend

Welcome to the last weekend of winter — and the first weekend of spring! 

Curiously, the winter end of the weekend, Saturday, has more of a springlike forecast (temperatures in the mid 70s, chance of rain), while Sunday is looking more late winter, with a high around 60 under crisp skies. That said, here’s a bit of what’s going on: read more

GetOut! Rain early, then a sunny, cool weekend

The news for this weekend is the weather. Don’t make plans for Saturday morning, do make plans to enjoy the rest of the weekend, a cool, sun-filled winter-like weekend.

Saturday morning — the exact time depends upon where you live — a cold front moves in, the kind of cold front ushered in by gusty winds, thunderstorms, possibly tornadoes. Then, sun — and temperatures that will drop into the upper 30s by late afternoon. Temperatures will drop into the low 20s overnight Saturday, rising only into the mid-40s on Sunday. Thus, you might want to reconsider the 9 a.m. Volunteer Days Saturday at Weymouth Woods Sandhills Nature Preserve and Carvers Creek State Park, but you should be OK for the … read more

GetOut! This weekend, Spring is Here

In Wednesday’s blog — “This Week, It’s All About Welcoming Spring” — we pretty much spelled out what this weekend should be about, so we’ll keep this short. First, the weather:

Weather: Saturday, expect partly sunny skies and temperatures around 70, Sunday, slightly sunnier skies and temperatures near 80. A great weekend to enjoy the waning days of winter. read more

GetOut! This weekend: a cool Saturday, a wet Sunday

Seems like every weekend of late we’re batting .500: either Saturday or Sunday looks good for an outing. 

This weekend it’s Saturday, with highs maybe reaching 50 under partly sunny skies. There’s rain in the forecast for Sunday, but possibly only in the first half of the day, depending upon where you live. So, for Saturday we suggest: read more