GetOut! Tips for dodging March’s pop-up storms

Hello, March and the beginning of spring! That would be the “in-like-a-lion” part of the season.

And this weekend’s lionlike forecast?

Well, some of it could be nice. Then again, it could be cloudy at times. And maybe rainy. And perhaps with storms of Oz-like dimensions. In short, it’s a weekend to play it by ear. Some thoughts on that:

  • Saturday looks a wee less turbulent than Sunday (storms are possible both days)
  • Morning looks better than afternoon
  • It will be warm, depending upon where you live, getting up to around 80
  • Sudden pop-up storms are possible. Thus, it’s a good idea to check the radar on your phone before heading out and check it periodically while you’re on the trail. Storms that may not have been there when you hit the trail could easily materialize within a half hour or less. 
  • Take a rain jacket
  • Seek out lower-lying trails. Avoid ridge lines, if possible.
  • Keep an eye on trails with multiple stream crossings. Especially if you’re on a mountain hike and headed uphill, crossings that were doable lower on the mountain may not be on the return trip should a cloudburst move through.
  • Focus on shorter hikes. Better to get caught by rain in the middle of a 4-mile hike than an 8-miler. Better still to find a trailhead with access to shorter hikes: finish one, no storm? Take the other.

Certainly not all the tips you need for a weekend of unpredictable weather, but a good start.

GetOut! And enjoy.

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