GetOut! A moving target of a weekend

About the only thing weather types know for sure about the coming weekend is that Sunday will be a wintry mess. Just how that mess will present itself is unclear: snow, sleet, rain, freezing rain, ice, freezing icy rain, all of the above? Don’t know. But something wintry this way comes.

So we’ll focus on Saturday and Monday this week, with Monday being the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday. Our thoughts … .


Waterfowl Hike, 9 a.m., Lake Norman State Park, Troutman. One of the many joys this time of year is the great waterfowl migration along the Atlantic Flyway. And on the long trip from Canada south, these migrating waterfowl need to stop to rest and refuel every once in a while. It’s a bit like stopping at South of the Border on your way to Florida. For migrating waterfowl, it turns out that Lake Norman’s Park Lake is the Pedro’s of the waterfowl migration. Join a ranger for a walkabout to see what who’s migrating. Learn more here.

Winter Bird Hike, 9:30 a.m., Pilot Mountain State Park, Pinnacle. Another program for the birds, this one primarily focused on the park’s permanent residents. Bring ‘em if you’ve got ‘em (binos, that is). Learn more here.

Oh, Deer! 2-3 p.m., Blue Jay Point County Park, Raleigh. In this installment of the park’s Family Wildlife Series you’ll learn about the neighbors we all have today — deer. Why are they everywhere? Come find out. Free, but registration is required. More info here.


George Washington Carver Memorial Hike, 10 a.m., Lake James State Park., Nebo. We love a hike with a little history, especially if it’s history we’re only vaguely familiar with. On this hike, for instance, you’ll learn about crop rotation and the scientist who pioneered the concept, George Washington Carver. Learn more here.

Next weekend

The forecast for next weekend is winter perfect for being out in the woods. Good to hear, since we’ll be holding our first GetHiking! Weekend Escape of the year, at Jones Lake State Park southeast of Fayetteville. Two days of hiking around Jones Lake, two nights of stargazing under one of the least light-polluted skies in the state. Learn more and sign up to join us here.

Parting thought

Another possibility for Saturday: chopping firewood and stocking up on provisions. The forecast appears to be trending away from powder, more toward power outage.

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