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Banff comes to North Carolina

I’ve long wanted to go to the Banff Mountain Film Festival but I’ve never gotten my act together to make it happen. Now, the next best thing is happening: The Banff Mountain Film Festival is coming to me. More significantly to you, it’s coming to us. This month, the film fest featuring the best in outdoor adventure will show, in scaled-down form, in Boone, Brevard, High Point and Charlotte. read more

Seeking your passion? Grab some popcorn

You never know where you’ll find inspiration. You could, for instance, think you’re passing some idle time at work by surfing the web and — viola! — you stumble across a video that makes you think, “Wow! I’d like to do that!” Or, in the case of some of the following videos, “Wow! I’d like to do something like that but without risk of loss of limb or life!” read more