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This weekend: Ride, run, gorge

Warming up for the Safe Boating 5K.

Tour North Carolina’s Central Park, indulge in a three-day mountain sports orgy in Asheville, run a 5K at the coast wearing a life jacket. Talk about options this weekend


We’re gullible for a good gimmick, especially if the gimmick is for a good cause. Saturday’s Run Around the BLOCK Safe Boating 5K at Fort Macon State Park, for instance. The BLOCK in question is the Coast Guard’s Block Island near Atlantic Beach. There’s two gimmicks here, actually: One, after the race you get to tour the Coast Guard base. Two, runners are encouraged to run in a PFD a k a personal flotation device a k a life vest. (You know, to promote safe boating?) Oh, and it’s a really flat course. read more

Show a trail you care this National Trails Day

If there were justice in this world, every bank executive and mortgage handler in the land would be forced to turn out on Saturday and participate in National Trails Day. Rationale? Federal, state and municipal land managers are facing drastic cuts as a result of recent recklessness in the financial sector, and they’re more in need than ever for help to maintain existing trails and blaze new ones. Alas, since it’s doubtful we’ll see a brigade of shovel- and mattock-wielding pinstripes flooding our forests Saturday, it’s up to the rest of us. read more