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This weekend: a run, a poetic hike, a festival of fun


Run a distance that suits you at the coast, try something new in the mountains. And in the Piedmont/Lace up and grab your pencil/For some trail magic.


What the heck, it’s flat: why not do a half marathon — or a full! — at the coast this weekend? read more

This weekend: Chance of t-storms, guarantee of fun

Photo courtesy tripadvisor.com

It’s summer, so sure, there’s a chance of thunderstorms. Don’t let a chance rule out a sure thing when it comes to some outdoor fun.


Imagine a time at the coast before cars, before trains, before even bridges. How did folks navigate a region with so much water? read more

This weekend: Forecast for fun

Take a test paddle (photo courtesy Great Outdoor Provision Co.)

Test a kayak, try a new wildlife refuge, tread (quickly) some stellar trail. There’s lots to do in North Carolina this coming spring weekend.


Been thinking about getting into flatwater paddling but confounded by the various boat options? Rec kayaks, touring kayaks, sea kayaks, sit-on-tops, inflatables … . Where’s a budding paddler to start? read more

Look out! A busy weekend is headed your way

Hunt for eggs, learn to paddle, dodge a ball: Do it all this weekend in North Carolina.


Have the kids been pestering you to go to the beach? Have you been protesting that the water’s too cold? Compromise, fellow parents, by offering up a trip to the coast to hunt for Easter eggs. Emerald Isle kicks off the EE hunting season Sunday at high noon with an EEE (Easter Egg Extravaganza) at the Emerald Isle Parks & Recreation Center. Sidewalk chalking, face painting, music and more beginning at noon, the hunt at 1 p.m., with hunting in three age categories: 3 and under, 4-7 and 8-13. read more

This weekend: Save a turtle, celebrate a squirrel (or eat one)


We’re going with an animal theme this week. Turtles at the coast, bears and other hearty survivors in the mountains … and would you believe we’re celebrating the squirrel in the Piedmont?


Ever been walking along the coast and come across an area marked off with yellow tape? Holy crustacean killing! you think. Actually, the area has probably been roped off to protect a sea turtle nest. Sea turtles are revered at the coast and you can find out why this Saturday and Sunday when the rangers at Fort Fisher State Recreation Area talk turtle at Turtle Talk. Some of the critter’s mysteries will be unveiled and you can find out more about the conservation effort behind that yellow tape. read more