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Keep your healthy mojo revving thru the holidays

The following originally ran in November 2012. We rerun it today, with some tweaks, because its message is timeless come November. Here’s why.

Come November, we’re usually in fighting’ shape. A lot of folks start hiking again, in earnest, come September; by early November we’re hiking farther, we’re spending more time on the trail. Then come the holidays. read more

MELT: A workout intended to get under your skin

Karin Singleton and her roller. (Photo courtesy her Web site.)

Ashley Honneycutt was giving me a quick overview of the class we were headed to when one thing in particular caught my attention: “… and it’s all done on a roller.” Knowing that I’m a runner and sensing that I was about to wheel and make a break for my car, she grabbed my arm. “It’s not that kind of roller. Not the roller you use for running. It’s softer.” Softer than rock wasn’t that reassuring, but I followed her anyway. read more