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This weekend: Variety is the spice of adventure 

There’s a biathlon at the coast, a lucky bike ride in the mountains, and salvation — or at least a way to save yourself from getting lost — in the Piedmont.


Before you go tri, perhaps you should try bi.

It only makes sense that instead of going directly to three sports, you should ease yourself in with two. Say, standup paddle boarding and running? read more

Your weekend: A bi, a hike, a rare learning opportunity

There’s a standup paddleboard/beach run at the coast, a dog-and-kid-friendly hike in the Piedmont, and the opportunity to learn key backcountry skills — from axe-slinging to tree felling — in May by spending a few minutes in front of your keyboard between now and Sunday. read more

This weekend: A bi, a sign, a race

If you shy away from multi-sport races because they often include swimming (and you’re a sinker, not a floater) then you’ll like Saturday’s 6th Annual Wrightsville Beach Biathlon at Wrightsville Beach. If you like signs of spring,  you’ll like Saturday’s totally awesome program at Lake Crabtree County Park in Morrisville. And if you like an early season road race but aren’t in early season form, then you’ll like the distractions of Saturday’s Valley of the Lilies Half Marathon and 5K on and around the mountain campus of Western Carolina University. read more

This weekend: a bi at the coast, an eyeful elsewhere

Matt Wisthoff, Team Relay Champion, 2012 and 2013.
Matt Wisthoff, Team Relay Champion, 2012 and 2013.

If your competitive urges are coloring your outdoor urges, head to the coast. But if you’ve got an urge for more color, you can find it in the Piedmont and even in the mountains.


You love to run, you love to bike — alas, you’re a sinker. No triathlon for you. But you can participate in a duathlon, which taps into your two loves. And you can tap into one Saturday in Wrightsville Beach. read more

This weekend: S’up? Plenty!

Ladies and gentlemen, start your legs.

A biathlon with running and standup paddleboarding, a half marathon on a NASCAR track, a hike in the snow — can a weekend get more North Carolina than that?


Running and standup paddleboarding — that’s a combination you don’t often see under the biathlon umbrella. But you will Saturday at Wrightsville Beach for the 4th Annual Wrightsville Beach Biathlon. Four miles of standup paddleboarding on a flatwater course followed by a 4-mile beach run, all in the hopes of scoring “the soon-to-be-coveted Masonboro Trophy.” read more