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‘A Day in the Life of XC’

I see a lot of videos, I’m sure you do as well. Fortunately, I have a handful of reliable video aggregators who spare me the chafe, the Johnny Knoxville wannabes, those with a severe case of Narsicame. For the most part, I see only the awe-inspiring: the best of trick rider Danny MacAskill, the most death-defying wing suit videos, pretty much anything from the Red Bull collection. read more

Outrun your spring allergies

Running nose.

It’s not your stuffed-up imagination; the spring allergy season really is off to early start this year (and, thanks to climate change, may be trending in this direction). You can read all about it in today’s Charlotte Observer and The News & Observer, in a story I contributed to. read more

Hula hooping: a RAW deal

I can’t remember where we were — the middle of Nebraska? the middle of Missouri? — but it was time to visit another rest stop. We’d been driving for a day and a half, a day and a half and twelve hundred miles of sitting with virtually no exercise. My body was starting to petrify, my mood was increasingly surly. Marcy hopped out, opened the rear hatch of the M5, rooted around for a moment, then emerged with the antidote. read more

Listen (to someone else) whistle while you work(out)

You’ve seen people jogging on the greenway or plodding away on the treadmill, oblivious to all but the ear buds pumping a driving beat into their ears. And, according to science, pumping an extra boost of juice into their workout. The American Council on Exercise recently reviewed seven studies conducted since 1999 that all agreed that listening to music has a positive impact on your workout. (There’s a caveat, but first the facts.) read more