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This weekend: The sun shines on Saturday

Another seven days, another seven days of which one is decent. And, fortunately again, that day falls on the weekend. A few thoughts on how to spend a sunny Saturday.


Run, Rick, run!

Flytrap Half Hell Haul 7K: even if you don’t run, how could you not want to be a part of something with a name like that! And when you discover the Half Hell Haul is on the trails of the Boiling Spring Lake Preserve, well, that’s got to seal the deal. read more

This weekend: A good one to keep moving

A cool weekend is on tap across North Carolina: weekend highs will be lucky to top 50 and there’s a chance of snow in the west. If you’re going outside — and you know you will — it’s a better idea than usual to keep moving.


Five miles is a nice distance to run, we’ve always felt. A 5K — 3.1 miles — feels too short, too fast. And a marathon just seems ridiculously long (our judgement on this may be clouded as we’re signed up for the Umstead Trail Marathon Saturday and the thought of a 5-mile race is darn attractive right now). If you also like the sounds of a 5-mile run, then head to Greenville Saturday for the 2013 Patriot Run benefitting Fort Bragg’s Survivor Outreach Services, which helps families who have lost a serviceman/woman in combat. Awards by age category. read more

This weekend: Spike, hike, bike

Photo courtesy SirBikesALot.com

Did you know this is about the time in the new year when people begin to lose their resolve to be healthier and more active? If you feel you may be at risk, check out our statewide prescription for a prolonged active lifestyle. We have something for the team player (volleyball at the coast), the nature lover (a geology hike in the Piedmont) and — what’s a nice way to put this — the nutcase, in the form of a night downhill mountain bike race in the mountains. read more

This weekend: Hike, run, paddle

Rachel Carson Reserve

This late summer weekend the great hiking is at the coast and the paddle festival is in the mountains. Crazy, eh?


Think fall hiking and you typically think of the coast. But Saturday at 10:30 one of the weekend’s best guided hikes will be at the Rachel Carson Reserve. Sponsored by the NC Maritime Museum in Beaufort, the hike is a rare opportunity to learn about life on this barrier island. read more

This weekend: It’s cooling off? Get out!

Young and old (I've done it several times) are embraced at the Huck-A-Buck.

Sure there’s a threat of rain — there’s always a threat of rain in summer; it’s the meteorologist’s ultimate hedge. But cooler temperatures demand that you start planning an active weekend earlier than usual.

Like now.


I usually don’t throw out mountain bike races as a weekend option because they’re typically targeted to a more adrenaline-influenced crowd and they can be expensive to enter. None of that applies to the venerable Huck-A-Buck this Sunday at Lake Crabtree County Park in Morrisville. The Huck-A-Buck has a competitive element, to be sure, but race founders Chris Pappas and Pat Lundergan with Happy Fun Racing have done a great job ensuring that the Huck remain a Race for the People — meaning people like me, who can show up and not be obviously out of place in the aforementioned adrenaline-happy crowd. I’m especially glad to suggest the Huck-A-Buck considering last year’s 10th edition was rumored to be the last. Long live the Huck! read more